KrAZ-7133C4 dump trucks — for MPP

28 August, 2019

Kremenchug Automobile Plant completed next order of the Belanovsky Mining and Processing Plant (BMPP). The KrAZ-7133C4 dump truck was shipped, where on by the Ukrainian manufacturer of attachments, Kobzarenka Plant, will be fitted a hydraulic blade, which is designed for snow removal. Similar samples of KrAZ-7133С4 are already in operation at BMPP, and have positive reviews.

KrAZ-7133C4 is intended for transportation of loose materials and bulk cargoes on all types of roads. Carrying capacity allows transporting up to 26 tons. Primary usage — vehicle’s operation in quarries, in development of the mineral deposits, road and industrial construction, transportation of loose materials and bulk cargo. KrAZ-7133C4 is used year-round for the transportation of various cargoes and during snow removal.

Dump truck KrAZ-7133С4, 8×4 wheel arrangement , WP12 engine (Euro-5, 430 hp), platform capacity — 20 cubic meters; cabin type — cabin-over- engine, two-seat, equipped with air conditioner. The brake system is equipped with ABS. The cabin has everything necessary for comfortable work: an integral-type steering mechanism with an additional power cylinder, a functional instrument panel and other additional options aimed at reducing driver fatigue, increasing the level of safety, in particular, a rear-view camera monitor.

It is important for “AutoKrAZ” to continue partnership with the MPP, because with a view to ensuring of their production and technical facilities, it is necessary need precisely these special equipment, that the Kremenchug Automobile Plant are produces. KrAZ also supplies the mining and processing plants with aerial platforms, pile-driving machines, tank trucks, fuel servicing trucks, wagon (shift) trucks.

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