Mobile power washer (MPW) based on the KrAZ-5233HE chassis for Yeristovskyi MPP

03 September, 2019

MPW-5k based on KrAZ is the second special product from PJSC “AutoKrAZ” and LC “Tital” for mining and processing plants. Poltavskiy MPP has been using the MPW-5k special vehicle based on the KrAZ-5401H2 chassis for more than a year.

Taking into account the fact that KrAZ-based equipment has high performance and designed to remove contaminants of any complexity from mining equipment obtained during operation at dusty and contaminated sites, Yeristovsky MPP has ordered a similar product sample, choosing KrAZ-5233НЕ chassis as the base.

The special vehicle KrAZ-5233HE (4×4) includes 3-seats, metal, “cabin-behind-engine” truck configuration, equipped with pilot-type driver’s seat with air suspension and air conditioner; Engine: Diesel, W7.300 (Euro-5), in-line, 6-cylinder, turbocharged, 300 hp; Gearbox — nine-speed, 2-range; braking system with ABS.

The chassis’s superstructure is modular, consisting of a polypropylene tank and a rear superstructure. On the roof of superstructure located working platform for work performance at a height. The rear compartment is designed to protect the superstructure’s components from weathering and quarry conditions of EMPP. For heating water communications and washing equipment is also provided 3kW diesel air heater.

The self-contained unit is intended for heating water to a maximum temperature of 94°C and allows for washing any surfaces by using of one or two high-pressure shafts. The high-pressure pump provides maximum resistance to corrosion and component’s wear and long service life in extreme conditions. Unit copes with even the most severe contaminants owing to its high productivity (0,5 liter/ sec), water heating (up to 94°C) and a high pressure (200 bar).

At the same time can be carried out a washing by two operators, which reduces the downtime of equipment, which must be constantly in operation. Washing can be carried out in hard-to-reach places using a set of accessories and additional extension telescopic nozzles. Taking into account of mining equipment’s over-all dimensions, these nozzles will help to remove the contaminants at a height.

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