Another batch of combined road machines were shipped to Kyiv region road authority

11 September, 2019

PJSC “AutoKrAZ” were shipped to the State Enterprise “Kyiv Region Road Authority ” SJSC “Automobile Roads of Ukraine” another batch of combined road machines (CRM) with salt-spreading equipment of precise dosing and a rotary bull blade based on dump truck KrAZ-65055-05, designed for year-round maintenance of principal and municipal roads with asphalt and cement concrete pavement.

For acceptance of delivery vehicles at PJSC “AutoKrAZ” a working delegation headed by the Chief of the Kyiv Region Road Authority Igor GRESHCHUK arrived, who noted how important it is in the current conditions to give preference to the national manufacturer of road machinery:

— It is very kindly and appropriate that it was the national manufacturer KrAZ with the equipment SHMIDT that won the tender. This year we ordered a large batch of 67 units of equipment — CRM with a bull blade and salt-throwing equipment on the KrAZ-65055 chassis, because there is a great need for such road maintenance machines, it is measured not by dozens, but by hundreds and even thousands of vehicles throughout Ukraine.

Previous batches of KrAZ vehicles, which Ukrainian Road Authority had ordered years ago, with SHMIDT equipment, have proved themselves well and functioning properly. New vehicles will be used in the winter for sprinkling with friction materials (salt sprinkling equipment works on three components and, moreover, bittern salt can be used, which is economically profitable), and during the warm period — as dump trucks for transportation of bulk cargo of various types.

That is, vehicles will work all year round. During the tender, MAZ was one of the main competitors of KrAZ, although in terms of performance, it is obvious that KrAZ is more adapted to it. “Ukrainian products — for Ukrainian people,” this principle is meant to be defining.

Capabilities of combined road machines was demonstrate to representatives of the Customer at the company’s testing area. Further fulfillment of the contract with the State Enterprise “Kyiv Region Road Authority” of the State Joint-Stock Company “Automobile Roads of Ukraine” continues.

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