PJSC “AutoKrAZ” were shipped products of SE RPC “Iskra”

20 September, 2019

Research and Production Complex “ISKRA” is used chassis, chassis semi-trailers, chassis trailers for production of special-purpose products. The state-owned enterprise Research and Production Complex “ISKRA” is a leading developer and manufacturer of ground-based radar equipment for the Ukrainian defense complex.

The KrAZ-H251H2 two-axles semi-trailer with a load capacity 18 tons or KrAZ-A181H2 two-axles trailer chassis with a load capacity 13 tons are used for mounting and transportation by all types of roads of the 1Л220УК radar system, which is designed to determine the coordinates of the positions of firing mortars and artillery of various calibers, launch positions of missiles in one shot (start); adjusting artillery work of friendly units; issuing target designations for an automatic fire control system.

It is operated as part of a road train with a KrAZ truck tractor (antenna-radio vehicle) and a control vehicle based on KrAZ-6322 truck chassis with a 6 × 6 wheel arrangement, which is used for mounting of special-purpose superstructures, including military equipment. It can be operated by all types of roads and off-road.

Advantages of the 1Л220УК radar system — high mobility, operation in any weather, operation in conditions of intense radio countermeasures, it is possible to work as part of a single radio vehicle.

The KrAZ-6322 truck chassis is also used at RPC “ISKRA” as a base for transport units of the Мандат-B1E R-330UM complex, which is designed to detect and suppress short-wave and ultra-short-wave communication lines with fixed operating frequencies and lines with programmed tuning of the operating frequency sights for frequency and time, as well as the automated obstacle station R-330TRC.

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