The KrAZ-6511C4 grain truck will increase the Kernel group agribusiness efficiency

18 February, 2020

Kononovsky Elevator LLC (Kernel Group) will receive the KrAZ-6511C4 grain truck with wheel arrangement 6x4 and a load carrying capacity of 20 tons. The truck is equipped with Euro 5 turbocharged engine, 430 h.p. power; mechanical 9-speed gearbox; a reliable and easy-to-use dump grain platform manufactured by Aleko Plant LLC (Volnovakha) with the following specifications: 35 m3 volume, the right side + back unloading; the platform consists of two sides: the lower side opens from top-down (for grain unloading), the upper side opens from bottom-up (for silage, manure, beets, straw, corncobs unloading). The awning, which is equipped with folding mechanisms, provides reliable protection and increased cargo safety in various weather conditions. There are pneumatic-electric and hydraulic leads for the trailer and the coupling device.

This type of body is intended for use in agricultural holdings and private farms, for grain and other agricultural goods transportation over short and long distances. It can be used on trucks without a trailer and as part of a road train.

The cabover truck has a cab with ergonomically favorable driver’s workplace, which provides him with maximum comfort during the truck operation: a comfortable pneumatic seat, the adjustable steering column, power windows, a functional instrument panel, a radio recorder and a sleeping berth.

PJSC “AvtoKrAZ” considers the agro-industrial complex as one of the most promising and dynamic in the country, which needs modern effective equipment to increase profitability as well as updating the material and technical resources. The KrAZ plant, the domestic manufacturer, is able to meet the demands of the agricultural industry with serial products and new advanced models.

Keep in mind the KrAZ-6511С4-500 and KrAZ-5401С2-500 grain dump trucks are included in the list of agricultural machinery and equipment, the cost of which is partially compensated at the expense of the state budget.

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