Private Joint Stock Company AvtoKrAZ stands for eco-friendliness and safety: the next stage of introducing ecological standard EU-6 is over

04 March, 2020

Mandatory compliance with the ecological standards, no lower than EU-6, of vehicles passing the first state registration in Ukraine is rescheduled from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2025. That is made according to the changes to The Law of Ukraine "On some issues of import into Ukraine’s customs territory and the first registration of vehicles".

Despite duration extension of ecological standards EU-5, Private Joint Stock Company AvtoKrAZ continues adopted policy to model range extension in manufacturing vehicles with the engine meeting the EU-6 ecological standard. The Company also moves forward beyond its products certification.

The next stage of certification compliance confirmation of traditional serial 4x4 conventional truck KrAZ-5233BE-600 and its chassis KrAZ-5233HE-600 with 375hp diesel engine. These models have already been certified according to the EU-6 ecological standards.

By the results of  the works on the certification procedure, certification authority SOE Public Road Research and Project Institute of  Kyiv (ГП «ГОСАВТОТРАНСИИПРОЕКТ») issued a certificate №UA*46a(b)*0350*03 to Private Joint Stock Company AvtoKrAZ.

The Company has issued certifications by the results of KrAZ-6322-06 and KrAZ-5233BE-600 trucks compliance to the standards (identification, conducting of pilot tests):

- №UA*46a(b)*350*03 to KrAZ-5233BE-5000 truck, KrAZ-5233HE-500, KrAZ-5233BE-600, KrAZ-5233HE-600 chassis;

- №UA*46a(b)*182*05 to KrAZ-6322-05 truck and its chassis, KrAZ-6322-06 and its chassis, KrAZ-65032-05, KrAZ-65032-06, KrAZ-6446-05, KrAZ-6446-06 trucks.

Private Joint Stock Company AvtoKrAZ is to present truck and chassis models to check there is appropriate range of measures to enable effective monitoring of manufacturing and vehicles quality. This procedure will be conducted after getting a certificate for vehicles under the current legislation. It includes mandatory identification and conducting of pilot tests to confirm modern requirements (Economic Commission for Europe rules). Total number of requirements for trucks – 21.

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