The KrAZ-65053 (VVCh 120) garbage truck

The KrAZ-65053 (VVCh 120) garbage truck is used to collect, carry and dump residential waste, bulky building and industrial waste at disposal site.

The KrAZ-65053 (VVCh 120) garbage truck provided with articulating crane with clamshell is offered in two versions: with МPR-2 multilift container hook system and the VVCh-120 rear dump hopper.


Basic chassis KrAZ-65053
Configuration 6x4
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Load carrying capacity, kg 12000
Dumping bin volume, m3 24
Max. speed, km/h 75
Maximum boom crane, m 7.3

Installation of equipment on cabover KrAZ chassis is available

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