Completion of Preliminary Testing of New Two-Axle Dump Truck

25 July, 2016

The KrAZ-5401С2 4х2 dump tuck created in late February of this year has undergone a complete cycle of manufacturer’s tests. 

Laboratory and on-the-road tests have been carried out in compliance with program using high precision test equipment. Ride tests had place on certified road sections of Ukraine.  

Results of preliminary (manufacturer’s) tests confirmed compliance of vehicle with requirements. It should be noted that the KrAZ-5401С2 dump truck is fuel efficient: fuel consumption at a speed of 40 km/h is 20,6 l /100 km, at a speed of 50 km/h – 23,0 l/100 km, at a speed of 60 km/h - 25,6 l /100 km, at a speed of 80 km /h - 30 l/100 km.  What is more, this baby delivers an impressive speed with lest of almost 10 tonnes. The maximum speed reaches 110,2 km/h with GVW of  18600 kg. The value registered during tests exceeds the rated parameter of 95 km/h.

Today engineering services of the automobile plant take efforts to rework the new vehicle.

It should be recalled that the KrAZ-5401С2 dump truck is another addition to the lineup of KrAZ light trucks intended to deprive foreign counterparts of their competitive advantages.    

The dump truck is very maneuverable due to bonnetless cab, its minimum turning radius is about 7,5 m. Unlike conventional KrAZ trucks its payload capacity with overall dimensions of 6330х2500х2960 is up to 10 tonnes. 

The new vehicle is provided with diesel inline engine meeting Euro-5 emission standard, single disk clutch and manual transmission. Comfortable environment for driver is ensured by ergonomic can with comfortable air-suspended seats, tilt and height adjustable steering column, functional dashboard and many things that help reduce fatigue when driving. Low cab is provided for easy getting into/off the truck.  Unique 7 cub.m. box-type dump body has remote lockable tailgate.  The dump body is provided with hoist with double-acting telescopic cylinder.

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