KrAZ Employees Deliver High Performance and Enjoy Comfortable Break Area

12 August, 2016

An unusual break area has been made in the manufacturing facilities of “AutoKrAZ”. Comfortable armchairs among banana and lemon trees, flowers, carbonator dispensing refreshing water. But the centerpiece of the break area is stone three level fountain flowing into unique basin. Except multi colored pebbles and coins thrown by employees by tradition there are snails, fishes and river turtle Zhenia.

An idea to create cozy area in chassis and body workshop was initiated by the workshop head and supported by the company’s staff and management. This idea was realized due to the subdivision’s outstanding performance in following safety rules and production standards. A series of events aimed at improving labor safety and industrial hygiene were held in April during the month of labor protection. Intensive efforts were taken to clean up manufacturing facilities, check documents and instruction execution. Summarizing the results of these events the plant’s management awarded to three best staffs a commendation and considerable cash bonuses. The staff of chassis workshop ranked among the best decided to spend money on creation of green oasis for comfortable rest during lunch break.

No doubt, appropriate workplace is important for efficient work but comfortable rest environment is of no less importance.

People at KrAZ realize it and initiatives of personnel are supported and stimulated despite hard times. 

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