New Earthmoving Machine Built on KrAZ Chassis

29 August, 2016

Corps of Engineers of Ukraine awaiting national novelty to be in service. 

The special vehicle for the army has been built by “AutoKrAZ” in partnership with Kryukov Railway Car Building Works (Kremenchug). The earthmoving machine is used for digging trenches in various soils, filling excavations and clearing sites at an ambient temperature from – 40 oC to + 40 oC and relative humidity of 98 percent

The trench digging machine is based on the KrAZ-5233НЕ AWD armored chassis featuring unique design. The chassis is provided with armored cab, engine compartment and fuel tank in accordance with specification. To ensure the best temperature range for the engine when digging trenches at a low speed the radiator with high heat transfer is provided. To improve maneuverability of the machine its wheelbase has been shortened to 4000 mm (instead of 5000 mm on mass produced vehicles of this model).  Some modifications have been made to vehicle frame to make it possible to receive digging equipment and earthmoving blade, the transfer case has been provided with power takeoff to drive this equipment. The vehicle frame ensures particular strength and power. Except the chassis, Kremenchug Automobile Plant has built a range of unique parts for attachments.


At the end of the previous year the special chassis was transferred to Kryukov Railway Car Building Works, where attachments were mounted. A new national product underwent during 6 months a series of tests on proving grounds of the automobile plant and Armed Forces. After entering in service with Armed Forces the machine will be transferred to military.


Today, according to “Ukroboronprom”, over 1700 special vehicles are used in the zone of military operations, most of them are very old. Military experts say that renovation of vehicles after long-term storage and maintenance of worn out vehicles could hardly improve materiel support of Ukrainian army. New efficient and advanced vehicles are needed that can be supplied by domestic manufacturer “AutoKrAZ” in partnership with defence industry sector companies.

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