According to Military, KrAZ Trucks Are Superior in Terms of Off Road Ability

24 November, 2016

A group of different KrAZ models for military and civilian applications that could be used in the army has just come back from trip to Chernigov region.  Kremenchug Automobile Plant provided a wide range of vehicles for in-camp training held in Goncharovskoye village for ordnance service and logistic units of Ground Forces of Ukraine.

Brigade commanders who came for training were very surprised and pleased to see in the line-up of domestic manufacturer various vehicles for frontline troops and logistic support that would be very useful in protecting and providing units with necessary supplies. Very careful attention was paid to new 5cu.m. water tank truck  for carrying drinking water  and refrigerator truck. According to military, the enemy prefers to target water tank trucks rather than refuellers because he realizes that water is essential on the frontline. Such vehicles are in short supply because part of available water tank trucks based on old ZIL, MAZ and KamAZ chassis   are out of service while the rest of them feature poor off-road ability, which makes it impossible to use them under harsh environmental conditions and over rugged terrains. Other advantages of water tank truck KrAZ include off road chassis able to deliver any load to any destination point regardless its location. What is more, conventional cab would protect in case of IED explosion under wheel.

 Refrigerator truck initially mistaken for nondomestic-made vehicle by the military would be very useful in summer to supply food to units. The military have been very glad to see new armored vehicle KrAZ-Hulk, excellent command vehicle in their opinion due to lower height, better maneuverability as compared to predecessors, reliable armored capsule and powerful equipment. The military have showed interest in heavy armored vehicles KrAZ-Fiona and KrAZ-Shrek. Those who have seen them in operation praised their robust hull and excellent off-road ability and compared with armored vehicles made in Belarus that have recently entered in service. According to them, hulls of KrAZ counterparts have cracks, chassis is unable to withstand extreme chock and vibration and running gear fails. 


During training domestic manufacturer had meaningful dialogue with operators: all suggestions of the military for improving design, developing new models have been taken into account.

According to accounts of those present at training, the number of up-to-date vehicle in service with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a far cry from required. Very few can boast that they have dozens of new KrAZ models in their fleets, the rest regretted having old, unsuitable for use or low efficient vehicles in their units on the frontline. “We would be very glad to replace our oldies with KrAZ vehicles we have seen here”, - say brigade commanders. We need bath and laundry units, field kitchens, refuellers and water tank trucks showcased here.  It would do no harm if the manufacturer provides training in driving of KrAZ vehicles for soldiers as new vehicles are out of service for repair due to poor skills of conscript soldiers.“

According to both parties, such training is a very efficient method of face-to-face communication for military and manufacturer, good site for checking out new efficient domestic-made vehicles provided with up-to-date equipment suitable for various tasks on the frontline and rear area. 

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