New Command Vehicle KrAZ

15 December, 2016

“AutoKrAZ” has built command vehicle for ground forces of Ukraine to be provided with life support equipment in accordance with Research and Development Plan for this year.

Special vehicle based on the KrAZ-5233НЕ 4×4 chassis is equipped with house-type body provided with life support equipment:  air filtration system, heating system, air conditioning, lighting system and blackout lights, fire extinguishing equipment, diesel generator and container with two additional generators.

The KrAZ-5233НЕ AWD chassis comes in standard version. The chassis truck features lighting, ventilating and heating system run by 2 kW onboard alternator.

In fact, this special vehicle is a workspace for personnel with equipment provided both in the body and in the cab. The KrAZ-5233 command vehicle is now at one of the largest plants of CIS countries producing electronics to be installed on the vehicle.

New special vehicle will be live-tested at a military unit, then after completion of testing it will enter in service with the army. 

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