KrAZ Transfers New Special Vehicle to Kremenchug Municipal Company КТP-1628

27 December, 2016

Today “AutoKrAZ” has transferred road maintenance vehicle to municipal company КТP-1628. On the New Year’s Eve our town got a new special vehicle used for road maintenance.

It should be recalled that the road maintenance vehicle has been made by Kremenchug Automobile Plant under contract for supply of special vehicle to municipal company КТP-1628 awarded through competitive bidding won in August of this year and launched by the town council. Special vehicle should be transferred to customer till the end of this year in compliance with tender conditions.

The new special vehicle is based on the KrAZ-5401С2 two-axle dump truck built by “AutoKrAZ” in April of this year. Easily removable domestic-made superstructure mounted on machine-building plant allows for all year round use for Kremenchug municipal workers:  in winter for snow clearing and road maintenance, in other seasons for carrying various loads.

The KrAZ-5401С2 two-axle dump truck is used for carrying bulk loads on tight construction sites and urban environment. It is a representative of new advanced generation of Kremenchug dump trucks designed to meet the needs of the country’s municipal companies. Bonnetless cab allows for better maneuverability, with minimum turning radius of about 7,5 m. Its payload capacity is up to 10 tonnes despite its reduced overall dimensions of 6330х2500х2960 as compared to conventional vehicles.

Special equipment includes salt spreader for spreading grit or de-icers onto roads controlled by onboard computer and snow plough for clearing roads from snow.

New road maintenance vehicle takes its rightful place in the fleet made up of KrAZ vehicles supplied to КТP №1628 through bidding process. Adding new efficient vehicles to municipal company’s fleet makes Kremenchug cleaner and nicer to walk around.

Kremenchug Automobile Plant hopes for further partnership between the town council and the largest company of Kremenchug and our country, a major contributor to the town’s budget, to the benefit of municipal companies and town residents.

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