Automobile Plant Employees Thank her for Good Deeds

15 August, 2018

Elena Kushnerova, Head of Veterans Organization of “AutoKrAZ”, has been just congratulated on occasion of her 80th anniversary. The place for this event is the same: the company’s museum. The company’s managers, colleagues, veterans, representatives of veterans organizations of our town, Avtozavodski district and Railway Car Building Works have loaded the hero of the day with congratulations, sincere wishes, presented bunches of flowers, gifts, and songs.

“Your career is an example to follow for many employees. First, over four decades in employment with our company, then work for the community as the Head of Veterans Organization. You succeeded in organizing veterans to make them feel a part of big team. Today your vigor is enough for work for the community and care about family members. The main thing is to stand ground, never feel down, to be the same hearted and understanding person.” These are congratulatory words of Adviser to General Director Zoya Shishkina. Members of the company’s Veterans Organization thanked her for organization of events for former KrAZ employees, minutes of happiness, and return to young days. Colleagues from veterans organizations of our town said that activity of Elena Kushnerova in organization of veteran movement sets a standard in this field: “We bow down before your wisdom, understanding, and executive talent“. An interesting present from colleagues, wall newspaper with bright photos, emphasized the main thing: the hero of the occasion is always in the thick of things, she is a person of activity, persistent, determined.

The song from the company’s trade union has been the most touching present. First it was congratulatory song, then KrAZ waltz and the song from the film Spring in Zarechnaya Street. The hero of the day sincerely thanked all the guests for attention to her, presents, cordial words and bright wishes.

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