KrAZ Trucks on Display in Mikhaylovskaya Square

22 August, 2018

As part of celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine the military vehicles KrAZ along with other up-to-date Ukrainian vehicles are on display in the capital of Ukraine. The exhibition of advanced equipment opened today August 22 in Mikhaylovskaya Square in the centre of Kiev and will run until August 26. Most vehicles on display have been presented by “AutoKrAZ”. Numerous attendees will see armored vehicles used by various units of defence and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine:  KrAZ-Shrek, KrAZ-Spartan, and KrAZ-Cougar. Recent development of domestic manufacturer, armored three-axle vehicle KrAZ-Hulk and various KrAZ-based special vehicles built in partnership with national defence sector companies will go on display, too.

The exhibition is planned to be opened on 23rd of August by President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko.

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