New military refrigerator KrAZ

22 August, 2018

New military refrigerator based on the 4х2KrAZ-5401Н2 chassis. Used for carrying fresh, cooled and frozen food for sustenance support of Ukrainian army. Short-time storage and transportation of food at a temperature within the range from -20 °С to-10 °С in the first compartment and from -5°С to + 5°С  in the second compartment. Refrigeration and storage processes are automated. The cab provides a comfortable environment for driver and vehicle commander with the temperature range from - 45° С to +50° С. It is equipped with cab ventilation and heating system, independent heater.

The refrigerator van has two compartments with removable bulkhead. The first compartment is used for storage and transportation of cooled and frozen food, the second compartment is for fresh food. The vehicle meets all the requirements of support services of Ukrainian army.

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