KrAZ Vehicles on Display at the Fair in Bolshiye Sorochintsy

28 August, 2018

“AutoKrAZ” traditionally displayed its products at the biggest national fair of Ukraine held August  21-26 in Bolshiye Sorochintsy. This edition of National Sorochintsy Fair is anniversary, its slogan: 20 years with Ukraine. KrAZ vehicles have been exhibited near the main gate of Sorochintsy Fair as last year. Attendees of the event who came to the fair from throughout Ukraine could see the KrAZ-Fiona armored vehicle, the KrAZ-6511 dump truck, the garbage truck with Multilift hooklift and crane based on the KrAZ-6511Н4 chassis, the gantry garbage truck based on the KrAZ-5401Н2 chassis.

The vehicles have been exhibited before the public and all those interested in products made by the automobile plant seized this opportunity. Among them was Governor of Poltava region Mr.Valeriy Golovko and People’s Deputy of Ukraine Mr.Oleg Lyashko. Leader of Radical Party who earlier visited Kremenchug Automobile Plant and repeatedly pledged support to domestic manufacturer of trucks has chosen the KrAZ-Fiona. At the wheel of the military vehicle the People’s Deputy said that if Ukraine starts purchasing domestic made military vehicles, incorporate world standards and introduce into service such reliable vehicles as KrAZ trucks, stops feeding foreign companies, strengthens its army and gets rid of stuff at training areas, not until then the war in Donbass region may end.

He also promised to distinguish legislatively between assembler and manufacturer of vehicles. “Fastening wheels to vehicles and consider them as made in Ukraine is a wrong practice. We should have our own manufacturing companies instead of screwdriver industries”, - said the People’s Deputy.
Though Sorochintsy Fair is more image-building event for the automobile plant because it is impossible to sell trucks where people come to buy utensils, embroidered shirts, handcrafts, animals and food, however there were also potential buyers there. Representatives of territorial communities, farm firms and farms asked detailed questions about vehicles for their needs, prices, specifications, optional equipment, etc. Municipal vehicles and grain carriers were in the centre of their attention. The vehicle fair visitors chose most frequently to take picture near was the KrAZ-Fiona vehicle.

“AutoKrAZ” has been awarded a Recognition Certificate for longstanding participation in the exhibition. Awarding has taken place during the ceremony on occasion of the exhibition closure.

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