Another Exclusively-Designed KrAZ Vehicle at Poltava Mining and Concentrating Company

03 September, 2018

The UММ-5К special vehicle based on the KrAZ-5401Н2 chassis is another exclusively-designed vehicle in the fleet of Poltava Mining and Concentrating Company. This is the first and the only customer-specific special vehicle in terms of parameters at the company and in Ukraine made by “AutoKrAZ” in partnership with ООО Tital.

The UММ-5К hot water high-pressure washer is used for washing mining vehicles operated in dusty and dirty environment, including removal of oil and fuel.

The special vehicle is based on the 13,3 tonne KrAZ-5401Н2 new generation chassis powered with Euro-5 engine. It is provided with hot water high-pressure washer for washing using two canons at the same time (two high-pressure reels, extension wands), 5 cu.m. insulated water tank and diesel engine-driven pump for pumping water into the tank.

Independent unit makes it possible to wash any surfaces using 1 or 2 high-pressure cannons with maximum temperature of up to 94°С.

High-pressure pump is equipped with brass manifold, ceramic plungers ensuring maximum corrosion resistance and abrasive wear, long service life in extreme conditions.  The washer is supplied with 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° quick-connect fittings (steam, foam), two 45 m reels, 1,8 - 5,5 m long telescopic wands, diesel heater.

The tank is insulated to prevent change of water temperature exceeding 2°С during 10 hours of operation with difference of water and ambient temperatures of   30°С.

It should be recalled that in May the МZ-5401 vehicle was added to the fleet of Poltava Mining and Concentrating Company, this vehicle is used for carrying tamping material to charged holes and for mechanized packing of vertical and inclined drill holes in quarries and trench refilling. 

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