SSES Units of Shostka and Konotop Get New Firefighting KrAZ Vehicles on Rescuer’s Day

18 September, 2018

This information has been posted on the official site of Sumy Regional State Administration. Rescuers of the region have got the АC-4-60(5401НЕ) fire tank truck built by Ukrainian manufacturers “AutoKrAZ” and “Pozhmashina”.  

When handing over vehicles on September 17 Mr. Klochko, Head of State Regional Administration said that KrAZ trucks would help rescuers in their work.

“You are people adhering to principle: “Prevent! Rescue! Help!“. First place of the State Service for Emergency Situations of Sumy region in the government is a merit of both your Chiefs and you”, - said the Head of Sumy State Regional Administration, when delivering the speech before the SSES unit in Shostka. In view of this, Chiefs of the SSES of Ukraine upon request of Sumy State Regional Administration, People’s Deputies of Sumy region and Shostka authorities, decided to give you the KrAZ vehicle.  Those who really work are worth helping. I would like you to do your job better after getting this new vehicle, now you have all you need for that”.

The 9,5 tonne 4х4 KrAZ-5401НЕ off road chassis cab has been made by Kremenchug Automobile Plant specifically to the requirements of the SSES specified out in bid conditions. It is used for conversion to various special vehicles, particularly, the АC-4-60 tank truck.

This two-axle chassis cab built to customer’s requirements is unique due to use of two-row four-door six-seat cab MAZ with parameters specified in bid documents. Kremenchug designers have adapted this cab for installation on the KrAZ-5401НЕ chassis cab. Wide tires with tire inflation system make it possible to use this vehicle on and off road. What is more, with fuel range of 600 km due to use of two fuel tanks of 165 l each the vehicles can carry crew and equipment to the scene of  emergency response, rescue and other required works. With speed of over 90 km/h this vehicle is maneuverable and flat-nose cab makes it suitable for use in urban environment. The АC-4-60 (5401НЕ) tank truck is provided with 4000 l water tank and 400 l foam agent tank. The НВЕ-24 vacuum suction system is independent, semi-automatic. The truck is equipped with the PN-60Б-RR fire centrifugal pump with output of 60 l/s and head of 100 m. Maximum suction head: 7,5 m. GVW: 19 tonne.

Similar firefighting truck was handed over to SSES unit of Konotop. 


Фото предоставлены Сумской ОГА

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