KrAZ Vehicles Engaged in Disaster Relief Efforts

27 December, 2018

On the night of December 25-26 off road KrAZ trucks were called into help to people trapped during snowstorm on road Zolotonosha-Kremenchug near village Lipovoye. The call for help came from officials of Poltava region SES. Snowstorm and high wind paralyzed traffic, causing traffic jams, as a result, many cars and   trucks have been hit by snowstorm. About 200 vehicles have been trapped in snowdrifts on the border of Cherkassy and Poltava regions, and KrAZ vehicle and workers have been engaged in relief efforts. It turned out that SES does not have enough vehicles for response, for this reason, vehicles of outside organizations including those of Kremenchug Automobile Plant have been used for relief efforts.  Drivers of Test Centre behind the wheel of the KrAZ-6322 truck and KrAZ-Fiona armored vehicle sent for relief efforts still assist in recovery operations on Kiev road as part of rescue team. According to them, the last trip was made to deliver people to warming centres set up in hotels and schools of nearby villages Lipovoye and Sviatilovka. KrAZ off road vehicles are being used currently for recovery of vehicles to clear up traffic jams.

It is worth nothing that not only KrAZ vehicles with snow clearing and salt spreading equipment annually take the heat in relief efforts. Special vehicles of rescue services, military units and “KrAZ” company used for recovery have much job to tackle with. And it is no surprise as KrAZ trucks have been designed for use in harsh environmental conditions.  

Kremenchug Automobile Plant manufactures a wide range of up-to-date vehicles for various applications. At customer’s request, they are often all-year-round vehicles equipped with easily mountable/removable snow clearing equipment.

“AutoKrAZ” is able to provide the country’s fleets with vehicles for various applications with any equipment and warranty and post-warranty service.  “AutoKrAZ is open to collaboration and ready to sell KrAZ special vehicles on mutually beneficial terms. KrAZ vehicles will help you ensure clean and safe roads.

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