To “KrAZ” from West Africa

28 December, 2018

Yesterday, December 27, businessmen of West Africa visited Kremenchug Automobile Plant. They came to Ukrainian company to see civilian and dual-use purpose products made by “AutoKrAZ”. Visitors from far off country braved snow showers and traffic jams at the moment.

Visitors from West Africa could see the lineup of mass produce and new vehicles built by the automobile plant as part of their visit.  Special focus of the businessmen was on refrigerated truck based on the 4х2 KrAZ-5401Н2 chassis and water tank trucks based on 6х6 and 4х4 off road chassis. According to them, delivery of water and food to remote areas is a priority for their country.

The visitors checked out the following dual-purpose and military vehicles with great interest: KrAZ-6322, KrAZ-5233, heavy armored vehicles KrAZ-Shrek, KrAZ-Fiona, KrAZ-Hulk. According to them, these models are in great demand in Africa. They filmed video and applauded the KrAZ-Shrek vehicle that demonstrated its excellent off road ability in 1,7 m deep snow.

Among other things the visitors could see the company’s Training Centre highly praised for up-to-date technical equipment in classrooms, unique instructional units and systems, interactive diagrams of vehicle systems. They emphasized that training for technicians and drivers is very important for reliable operation and they welcome mechanics and drivers training clause specified in foreign trade contracts and issue of relative certificates.

It’s worth noting that “AutoKrAZ” still has a sizeable share in the African market. Except military vehicles, various KrAZ special vehicles such as timber trucks for carrying logs from impenetrable jungle to woodworking enterprises, dump trucks for road construction are widely used. “AutoKrAZ” intends to expand market share in the African market.

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