Present for Ukrainian Military: 8х8 KrAZ Cab Chassis Truck with Automatic Transmission

08 January, 2019

“AutoKrAZ” has given a present to Ukrainian military by forwarding them the 8х8 KrAZ-7634НЕ cab chassis truck.

27 tonne cab chassis truck is used for conversion to vehicle equipped with heavy special equipment. Unlike its predecessors, it is provided with more powerful engine rated at 460hp and automatic transmission with maximum torque rated at 2500 N/m. Such a combination of engine and transmission with through-type powertrain help achieve excellent performance. At customer’s request, exhaust system is located between 1 and 2 axles with exhaust directed to the right as viewed in the direction of vehicle motion, two 165 l round fuel tanks are provided instead of two rectangular tanks with capacity of 350 l.  

The length from back of cab to end of cabover vehicle frame is 8080 mm, minimum outside turning radius is 14 m. 1st and 2nd axles are steerable, all the axles are driven.  Integral power steering helps decrease steering effort to 10 kgf, thus easing driver fatigue. This all-wheel drive vehicle can be extensively used for driving off road.  

Height of ergonomic low mounted cab is 2800 mm (for reference: the height of the cab of the 8х6 KrAZ-7140Н6 is 3170 mm), this makes it possible to mount various special equipment on the cab roof. Wide windshield offers excellent visibility. The cab and engine housing are painted matt khaki. 


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