AutoKrAZ is the First Plant in Ukraine Certified According to the New Euro 6 Emission Standard

22 October, 2019

Our partners can buy KRAZ trucks that are proven not only by time and roads, but also meet higher environmental requirements.

JSC «AUTOKRAZ» received the Certificate of Approval of type № UA*46A(b)*0182*05 from 17.10.2019, approved by the Certification Body of SE “DAVAUTOTRANSDIPROEKT” (Kyiv).

According to the requirements of Euro-6 Ecology Level the following truck models are already certificated:

traditional three-axle vehicles of conventional cab KRAZ-6322-06 and its chassis
- dump truck KrAZ-65032-06
- fifth-wheel tractors KrAZ-6322-06 with diesel engines

The following truck models will be certificated as well:
- KrAZ-6322-06 and vehicles with wheel arrangement 6х4 (high-sided truck KrAZ-65053-06 and its chassis, dump truck KrAZ-65055-06)
- Cab-over engine vehicle with wheel arrangement 4х2, 6х4

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