Bus Trucks on KrAZ-63221 All-terrain Chassis Are Responded to Oil-industry Workers Needs

07 November, 2019

Bus trucks K-AB10 on KrAZ-63221 off-road chassis is the result of cooperation between PJSC AutoKrAZ and LTD Plant of Special Equipment (Irkliev) enterprises.

Technical characteristics of innovative bus trucks meet the highest requirements demanded from customer. KrAZ-63221 is a 6х6 vehicle in the category of bus trucks. It is especially designed to be used on rough terrain and off-roads for carrying personnel. Thanks to its vehicle weight and dimensions allow operating on general roads without special permissions. Bus Trucks on KrAZ-63221 Chassis is motorized with 375 h.p. diesel engine turbocharged. The vehicle certified according to the Euro 5 Emission Standard. Optional extras include additional device for engine starting at temperature below 0°C equipped with preheater Webasto. The cabin includes 3 seats with the driver.

Bus truck is equipped with an isothermic, thermal insulated body type, which can be successfully operated within temperature range of -40 to +60°C. Due to its’ alternate design truck is protected from body deformation, crash or collapsing.

Thanks to outer and upholstering covering of construction the vehicle is sturdy, weatherproof, noiserproof and thermal insulated. It shall be mentioned that bus truck is respond to oil-industry workers needs in terms of comfort. It is equipped with fitting, collapsible regulated soft seats, two truck sleepers, electric and autonomic diesel heating, combined lightening, natural and mechanical ventilation. The truck is intended to be outfitted with communication systems between cabin and body.

Bus trucks on KrAZ-63221 all-terrain chassis are responded to oil-industry workers needs for safe and comfortable activity in the conditions of remote area.

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