Ferrexpo Poltava mining and processing plant enlarged its truck fleet due to the unique multifunctional specialized vehicle

28 November, 2019

Another stage of cooperation between PJSC “AutoKrAZ” and CJSC “Epos” (which installed exclusive specialized equipment on the KrAZ-7133Н4 chassis basis) was completed. This multifunctional specialized vehicle is unique and the only one in Ukraine.

It is designed not only for road watering and cleaning, dedusting of the waste air, but for hydroseeding too. It can be applied for landscape restoration, the slope strengthening of the earth roadbed, control and prevention of soil erosion, artificial revegetation of disturbed land and the lawn making.

The vehicle will mainly be used on slopes and hard-to-reach areas of quarries to carry out irrigating and other water works related to water supply for spraying. The internal and external surfaces of the tank and the main units are galvanized. It prevents corrosion and exposure to aggressive substances.

As noted by CJSC “Epos”, the KrAZ-7133Н4 prolonged chassis with 8х4 wheel arrangement is optimal for installation of 25-ton superstructure with 20m3 capacity and completely meets the customer’s requirements an demands, the vehicle’s motion variables. KrAZ-7133Н4   has a two-seat cab over engine with a berth; air spring seats; air conditioning in the driver's cab, the side and rear protective devices; the in-line, turbocharged, 400 hp, Euro-5 diesel engine; the gear box - mechanical, two-range, 9-speed, with starting preheater; the braking system with ABS.

Therefore, there is a new special product - the unique multifunctional specialized vehicle in “AutoKrAZ” product range for domestic mining and processing plants. Now special transport on KrAZ basis (vehicles for personnel and special equipment carriage, fuel trucks, tank trucks, platform trucks, etc) is used, in particular, for transportation of miners in the territory of enterprises and to mining sites, for delivery of fuel, technical and drinking water, fire extinguishing and so forth.

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