The first stage of vehicle demonstration for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was completed at the “AutoKrAZ” test site.

20 December, 2019

The military, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, SE “Kharkov Machine Building Design Bureau named after A.A. Morozov (KMDB)”, LLC “SIC “MC System”, LLC “Ukrainian Armoured Vehicles” arrived at the enterprise to hold the event and participate in the demonstration show of new and modernized samples of automobile and armoured vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “The working group was headed by Colonel Y.N. Gaidukevich, the Deputy Head of the AFU Central Vehicle Department of AFU Armament of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, who held a coordination meeting to familiarize participants in the event with its program and stages.

Manufacturers of military equipment presented a number of samples, in particular, “Varta”, “Novator” (LLC “Ukrainian armoured vehicles”), “Dozor-B” (SE “Kharkov Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering”) and Oncilla-M (“SIC “MC System”), which demonstrated their technical capabilities in overcoming various obstacles at the AvtoKrAZ test site, where various structures are located and they allow assessing the cross-country ability, maneuverability and dynamic qualities of wheeled vehicles under extreme load conditions.

KrAZ trucks like KrAZ-6322, KrAZ-Shrek, KrAZ-Fiona, KrAZ-Hulk, KrAZ-Spartan also showed a master class at the plant site. The military personnel and defense industry specialists that were present at the trials admired KrAZ trucks, which easily overcome all obstacles and the skill of their test drivers Vasiliy Ukhnal, Alexander Masliy and Ivan Gubenko. The demonstration of AvtoKrAZ vehicles was accompanied by shooting on mobile phones and cheers: “It’s super, respect!”, “Here are the stunts, well done,” “Do not show our paratroopers what the KrAZ-6322 truck can do, because they’ll try to repeat the same stunts on their KrAZ trucks that could demage them.

Y. Haidukevich, the head of the working commission, noted that the KrAZ spesialists coped with all the tasks perfectly: “All tests were passed at the test site in conditions close to real, there are no claims. And in general, we have no questions referring to KrAZ trucks which are in service at AFU: the equipment is reliable, meets the requirements of the military. The main objective of this project is to demonstrate the vehicles’ samples for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their capabilities in overcoming the main obstacles.

Previously not all manufacturing plants had the opportunity to check, confirm the technical characteristics of vehicles in appropriate conditions, at a modern test site. Their representatives will take into account all the comments and shortcomings in order to work on improving the technology.”

The Zhitomir test site is the venue of the second stage to demonstrate some new and modernized samples of automobile and armoured vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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