Fire bluster tank truck KrAZ-6511H4

Fire bluster tank truck АC 13-70 based on KrAZ-6511H4 chassis is intended for delivery of the crew, fire-fighting means and equipment and rescue equipment, for fire extinguishing with water from tanks, surface water body, water supply system as well as with aspirated foam and dry chemical powder to the place of fire.


Basic chassis KrAZ-6511H4
Configuration 6x4
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Water tank capacity, l 11000
Pressure under nominal conditions, m 100
Crew seats quantity 1+5
Maximum speed, km/h 80


- combined modular tank;
- pump;
- master stream nozzle, stationary, remote-controlled;
- master stream nozzle, mobile;
- stream nozzle, combined (2 units);
- foam generator;
- dry-powder fire-extinguisher, stationary

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