RunFlat Technologies Can Be Used on KrAZ Trucks

15 January, 2014

To meet customers’ needs better, efforts were made to get KrAZ trucks ready for installation of tires with RSC system (RunFlat System Component). Earlier mass-produced KrAZ trucks were provided with all-terrain tires (if double tires were used) and wide section tires with central tire inflation system  (if single tires were used).

RunFlat technology features special tires with sidewalls reinforced by cord to make its fixation on the wheel more secure.  A special insert RunFlat mounted inside a tire on a wheel is used.

RunFlat technology makes possible the vehicle to run a long distance with deflated or damaged tire or tires. Moreover, the insert RunFlat enables high mobility until getting to repair facility/changing tire.

Special composite material used in production of RunFlat insert allows for reduced weight, heating and friction under various driving conditions.  The insert RunFlat can be used many times: in case of tire tread wear it can be removed and mounted into the similar dimension tire. 

This novelty is used mainly on special vehicles, however, it can be used successfully on dump trucks operated on rocky terrains. 

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