Poltava Brake Components Plant Maintained High sales Results in 2013

15 January, 2014

Poltava Brake Components Plant, strategic partner of “AutoKrAZ”, managed to maintain high sales in 2013.  Financial results for this period show that the company sold UAH 100 million worth of products with brake components sales exceeding UAH 84  million and consumer goods sales exceeding USD 13 million.

The fourth quarter of 2013 was the most fruitful for Poltava Brake Components Plant in terms of sales. Sales growth compared to the first quarter is 13 percent, with 2 percent for sales of brake components and 123 percent for consumer goods. Compared to the second quarter sales went up by 31 percent, with sales of brake components increased by 27 percent and sales of consumer goods increased by 8 percent. Compared to the third quarter sales growth is 8 percent with 8 percent increase in sales of brake components and 4 percent increase of sales of consumer goods.  

       The company’s export sales for January-December account for 80,1 percent of total output volume, with brake components accounting for 84,1 percent. Export sales to Belarus went up  92,1 percent, to Latvia - 129,5 percent, to Lithuania - 12,7 percent.  Export sales to Kyrgyzstan increased almost 8 times. The company delivered its products to Hungary and Uzbekistan.

The turnover of Poltava Brake Components Plant in 2013 exceeded UAH 92 million.

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