“AutoKrAZ” Builds Chassis Cabs for State Service for Emergency Situations

11 December, 2015

Under the contract awarded by State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations through the competitive bid process won in September of this year  ”AutoKrAZ” has built and shipped 12 chassis cabs to Ukrainian engineering plants specializing in production of fire fighting vehicles.  The number of the KrAZ-65053 6х4 chassis cabs delivered to Tital is 7 units, while the number of the KrAZ-5233НЕ 4х4 chassis cabs that went to “EnergoPromSoyuz” is 5 units.

In compliance with tender conditions these vehicles are provided with four-door cab, preheated engine rated at 330 hp and manual transmission.

These chassis will be converted into AC 40 and AC 60 fire fighting tanker trucks used for carrying 6 crewmembers, firefighting equipment and fire extinguishing agents to the scene of fire. Special firefighting equipment allows delivering water and foam using delivery hoses, manually operated monitors and foam generators, illuminating the scene of fire, providing rescue efforts and giving medical treatment.

“AutoKrAZ” offers a wide lineup of chassis cabs for conversion into special vehicles featuring various layouts, axle configurations and power packs. KrAZ is ready to substitute imported vehicles with national ones by providing Ministry for Emergency Situations Units with efficient vehicles and provide quality servicing. 

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