KrAZ Delivers Huge Green Tree from Subcarpathia to Kiev

07 December, 2017

December 6, 1:30 a.m. the KrAZ-64431 truck tractor came to destination point of its one-week trip Kremenchug-Bogorodchany-Kiev. Ukraine’s New Year Tree has been delivered to Saint Sophia Square where festively decorated tree will be inaugurated on Saint Nicholas Day. “AutoKrAZ” made a New Year gift to Ukrainian capital residents and visitors by providing the whole package of works to deliver the country’s New Year Tree at the company’s expense.  

Kremenchug Automobile Plant sent the KrAZ-64431 truck tractor coupled with 22 tonnes semi-trailer made by ООО “Vs Trans” November 29. This model has neither through type powertrain, CTIS, special tires nor ABS or other frills typical for new KrAZ lineup. However, it did not prevent the truck tractor from tackling challenging task on delivery of oversize load in harsh road, environmental and political conditions. In the depth of night, without fanfare, usual attribute of such events, this humble workhorse of transportation department tackled its job with an excellent mark.

KrAZ team that faced resistance, weather challenge, lack of good roads, road accidents and other obstacles hampering the matter of great moment will remember this trip for a long time.

A huge tree that has grown to a height of 28,5 m for  93 years was cut down December 2 in Black Forest of Bogorodchany forestry in Ivano-Frankovsk region.  It took almost the whole day to cut it down, put on the semi-trailer using a crane, the next day efforts were taken to lash it to comply with oversize load regulations.   The semitrailer truck accompanied by traffic police drove byways at low speed for another day and half. Black frost, two road accidents with rigs that drove into semi-trailer sides and long wait near Kiev for permission to move oversize load have been companions of special convoy.

But it’s all over! KrAZ, the company and the truck, fully performed this honorable and important mission. KrAZ team together with residents of Kremenchug, Kiev, Bogorodchany, all those who supported and came at a word have taken efforts to deliver the fir to Kiev in any case and holiday to take place.  

Kremenchug Automobile Plant thanks for support, involvement and confidence in KrAZ.


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