“KrAZ” Congratulates Happy Spouses, Workers of “AutoKrAZ”, on Occasion of their 80th Anniversary

20 December, 2017

As is tradition, veterans have been recently greeted in the company’s museum. This time heroes of the day were automobile plant’s workers Viktor and Antonina Dun who celebrated their 80th anniversary. The veterans have worked at “KrAZ” for over 40 years and now their son Deputy Engineering Director for New Vehicles Sergey Dun continues this tradition.

A lot of guests came to congratulate the married couple on occasion of their double anniversary: senior managers, employees of departments they worked, transfer case workshop and Chief Designer Department, representatives of trade union and Council of Veterans. Sincere and warm congratulations and respect were addressed to the heroes of the day, they have been presented flowers and traditional branded gifts.

The celebration has not been without recollections. After leaving the school in 1957 Antonia Dmitrievna came to work at agricultural machinery plant as mill operator apprentice. When she mastered the profession two years later she was assigned apprentice a young guy named Viktor. Working together they fell in love and married. Their former colleagues still remember highly skilled responsible and disciplined worker and organizer, senior foreman of transfer case workshop Viktor Dun. 46 years of work at the plant and retirement in 2005 that was his life’s journey.  Colleagues remember his wife, human resources officer of Chief Designer Department as friendly and polite employee who has a way with people.   The family of the automobile plant veterans has lots of corporate awards: certificates of merit, commendations, title of “Veteran of Labor” and badges of merit “Veteran of Automotive Industry”.

The couple is still involved in the company’s life. Like most automobile plant workers belonging to the company’s veterans organization are frequent visitors of meetings for veterans, doors open days, corporate events. The company remembers its veterans because these people are its history. Former KrAZ employees always mention it in their letters, stories and acknowledgments.

Before saying goodbye, the heroes of the day thanked the automobile plant for attention, hospitality and remembrance and KrAZ employees for warm welcome and congratulations. They sincerely wished “KrAZ” seamless operation, development and success in manufacture of Ukrainian trucks unequalled anywhere in the world. 

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