“KrAZ” Wins Important Competitive Bid in the End of the Year

28 December, 2017

Good news for Kremenchug Automobile Plant and Poltava region on the New Year’s Eve! Domestic manufacturer “KrAZ” has been awarded a contract for supply of a large batch of municipal vehicles in the region of its location. The bid has been announced by Housing and Utility Services Department of Poltava Regional Public Administration for supply of municipal vehicles to three towns in Poltava region: Kremenchug, Gorishni Plavni and Gadyach. This is the first large-scale collaboration between Poltava Regional Public Administration and Kremenchug Automobile Plant in today’s history relating to procurement of new special vehicles using budget funds. The event is very important for both the customer and the contractor: the manufacturer will get additional capacity, while Poltava Regional Public Administration will be able to reduce social tensions, pump up the budgets of different levels, ensure operation of the companies of Poltava region and Ukraine involved in order fulfillment and Poltava region towns will get new efficient versatile vehicles that will make them clean. In accordance with bid conditions the automobile plant will build rear and side loader garbage trucks, sewage pump and sewage jetter vehicles.  

Three municipal vehicles will go to Kremenchug. КАТP-1628 will get two garbage trucks:

- the 4х2 KrAZ-5401 Medium B side loader garbage truck provided with 18 cu.m., hopper, plough and clamshell;
- the 6х4 KrAZ-6511 garbage truck  for emptying containers provided with 3,2 cu.m. hopper, multilift hook and hydraulic crane. “Kremenchugvodokanal” will get the 4х2 7 cu.m. KrAZ-5401 sewage pump vehicle provided with snow plough.  

The KrAZ-5401 (КP-40) sewage jetter vehicle provided with 8 cu.m. tank and snow plough will be added to the fleet  of Gorishni PLavni’s utilities company.

Gadyach region like Kremenchug will get three new special vehicles. The region council will be glad to have a pair of the KrAZ-5401 Medium B side loader garbage trucks with 12 cu.m. hopper and clamshell. The KrAZ-5401 Medium B side loader garbage truck with 18 cu.m. hopper, plough and clamshell will be used to clean the town.

“KrAZ” hopes for further collaboration with regional authorities because such this will be at an advantage for both parties but Poltava region residents will be those who will profit the most from it.   

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