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KrAZ Truck Tractors for Military use

The military truck tractor is considered as elite by the military. This truck has special advantages over other models due to possibility of use in combination with semi-trailer.

Heavy-duty KrAZ truck tractors along with other vehicles tackle their job in service with the army. Since their first days in the ranks of the army, KrAZ off-road truck tractors proved themselves as the best vehicles for towing various semi-trailers with gross weight up to 70 tons. As for harsh terrains, they are unrivaled there!

The KrAZ-6446 6WD truck tractor is an ideal choice for carrying various cargoes in combination with semi-trailer with gross weight of up to 34 tons. This model is very popular with the military for its unique ability to tackle its job under the most sever conditions. It is not a coincidence that the KrAZ-6446 truck tractor was chosen to carry various weapons systems, including Air Defense System С300.

Very powerful new KrAZ Т 17.1ЕХ 6WD heavy duty truck tractor powered with 400 hp engine easily tows heavy semi-trailers with gross weight of up to 75 tons. As all the trucks of this brand, this truck tractor much like tracked vehicles will traverse any rugged terrain that is unnegotiable for others. Durability, exceptional power and reliability of this model is provided by reinforced rear suspension and driveline, and due to use of 16.00R20 tyres this truck tractor can operate on public roads.

Configuration: 6х6
Towed semi-trailer weight, kg: 70 000
Engine: diesel, turbocharged
Power, h.p.: 400

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