KrAZ Trucks at Military Parade in Laos

22 January, 2019

Any army of the world at its military parades shows the best defense equipment it possesses. KrAZ trucks rightly participate at solemn demonstrations of military power in many countries all over the world. Military parade in Laos held January 20 in Vientiane to celebrate the 70th anniversary of People’s Army of Laos was no exception.

Military equipment made in various countries worldwide has been shown at the parade, including the KrAZ-6322 drop side trucks used for towing 130 mm М-46 gun and carrying artillery crew.

A large batch of off road vehicles was supplied to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic by “AutoKrAZ” in 2015. The customer chose this model because of performance the KrAZ-6322 vehicle possesses, ideal for harsh environment of this country. These are off road ability, easy maintenance, operation and repair along with excellent reliability and robustness.

Here they are, the KrAZ-6322 military trucks, the best of the best, demonstrating the power the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Aren’t’ they the pride of Ukrainians, Kremenchug residents and automobile plant employees?!

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