60th Anniversary of KrAZ Truck! History of Trademark

11 March, 2019

“UAZ” (Ukrainian Automobile Plant), KAZ or KrAZ (Kremenchug Automobile Plant), Automobile Plant “Ukraine” or “Dnieper” are versions of names for new Ukrainian trademark. The best 21 logos have been submitted for competition announced in November of 1958. Interestingly that competition conditions below stipulated its design down to the smallest details:

“Best Logo Competition

Best logo completion for trucks to be built by the plant was announced before November 30.

The logo must be a combination of capital letters of Kremenchug Automobile Plant. It will be a plate of unlimited size but fitting into design of radiator front.   

Logo letters will be embossed meaning they are raised from plate significantly; moreover, distinctiveness of letters must be emphasized by appropriate painting of logo.

The logo will be located on the top of radiator grille. It must be secured with two screws М6х1 with centre-to-centre distance of 120 mm.

Additional decorative element must be added to the logo, fitted above it on “alligator” hood that could be used as a handle to open the hood, except decorative function. 

Material for logos must be MKTsS steel or other corrosion-resistant alloy.

Three prizes have been proposed for the best logo design: first prize amounting to RUB 500, two second prizes of RUB 300, and two third prizes of RUB 200.

Submit your designs to Chief Designer Department.”

The reason for giving detailed instructions to logo designers was obvious. It had to fit precisely into space designed for the logo of Yaroslavl Engine Factory: to replace a bear and YaAZ plate on radiator grille!

The winner was not decided because of failure to comply with competition terms.  Authors of the best designs have been awarded prizes. It was recommended to refine the design of the best logo from those submitted and submit it for consideration. As the result, the logo of the new range of products was chosen by the date of assembly of the first dump truck the KrAZ-222 Dnieper, our anniversary truck. It was a stylized flag of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic fitted on the truck hood. It resembled a comb and was a successful solution in the context of functionality, fulfilling a function of hood handle. Elongated sectional view of plate in the shape of the same flag with letters KrAZ was secured on radiator grille. Decorative parts were painted colors of Soviet Ukraine flag. KrAZ trucks have driven under this flag for almost 30 years. 

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