New partners in the African continent

09 July, 2019

Delegation from Africa visited AutoKrAZ in late June showing their interest to heavy-duty trucks capable to work in tough conditions of African terrain.

Guests have put a high value to wide range of models presented, as well as the possibility of technical unification of the fleet, which greatly simplifies its maintenance for the customers. After a close inspection of vehicle samples, exploring the capabilities of the training center, under the impression of KrAZ vehicles off-road capabilities shown at the test site, the delegates gave their interest certain outlines. First of all, it will be considered to purchase models with a great story of operation in Africa, namely all-wheel drive three-axle models of KrAZ-6446, KrAZ 6443 tractors, water and fuel transportation tanks based on the KrAZ-63221 all-terrain chassis, refrigerated vans and dump trucks. Thanks to the efforts of the plant technical team, unique specifications of the selected models will be given to satisfy the needs of a particular customer.  So that possibility of direct contact with the manufacturer is an enviable advantage of KrAZ when customers choose heavy duty trucks for their business.

Summing up the visit, it can be confidently stated that great base was founded for long-term cooperation with new strong partner of KrAZ.

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