Northern mining and processing plant has been updated with special equipment KrAZ — ATZ-15-65053

08 August, 2019

The next shipment of special equipment was made by the Kremenchug Automobile Plant to the mining enterprise of Kryvyi Rih. It should be noted that PJSC “AutoKrAZ” systematically supplies products for mining and processing plants, in particular: wagon trucks, fuel tanker trucks, water tankers, platform trucks. Special vehicles based on KrAZ are used for transporting miners across the territory of enterprises and to production sites, for delivering fuel, industrial and drinking water, eliminating fires, etc.

The ATZ-15-65053 fuel tanker, which is designed for carrying, temporarily storing fuel and refueling vehicles, is based on a standard 6×4 truck chassis, with a 375 h. p., Euro-5 engine, 9-speed, 2-range, mechanical gearbox and a dry single-disk clutch. Cabin — metal, three-seat.

The two-section 15cub. meter tank manufactured by the SE “45 EMZ” (Vinnitsa) is made of steel 6 mm thick, equipped with filler holes, stiffening ribs, a stationary ladder, a breathing device, a filling indicator, etc. The pump delivers liquid within 500 liter / min, suction height — 4.5 m, in the side panels there are two discharge and suction hoses 75 mm, with 4 m long.

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