KrAZ-6511C4 will work at coal processing plants

13 September, 2019

To the next customer were shipped a batch of KrAZ-6511C4 dump trucks with “cabin-over-engine” truck configuration, wheel arrangement of 6×4, carrying capacity — 20 tons, platform capacity — 15,5 cub. meter. The truck is equipped with a comfortable cabin, in which everything is provided for the driver’s convenience and less fatigue during operation: a functional instrument panel, excellent visibility, a rest place, an integral type steering gear, etc. The power unit includes a turbocharged diesel engine, Euro-5, 300 hp, mechanical, 2-range, 9-speed gearbox.

The KrAZ-6511C4 dump truck is designed for operation in road and industrial construction, in the development of mineral deposits, for the transportation of loose and bulk cargoes.

As noted by the customer, preferring KrAZ, they took into account the importance of purchasing vehicles from domestic manufacturers, as this stimulates the development of industrial enterprises in the country. The customer fleet consists mainly of KrAZ trucks, a large batch of which was purchased in the 90s. Trucks for decades have proven their reliability and endurance by performing quality tasks in transporting various bulk materials, coal, and rock.

This year, when company deciding to renew the transport fleet, the company again chose domestic trucks, but with “cabin-over-engine” truck configuration, with a carrying capacity not more than 20 tons to withstand the surface layer of waste heaps. “As long as your enterprise exists, as many KrAZ trucks take out coal mining waste to the heaps of mines and concentration plants. Your trucks copes with the tasks,” says customers of AutoKrAZ products .

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