Vacuum street sweeper KrAZ-5401K2

The KrAZ-5401К2 vacuum street sweeper is designed to clean urban streets, public parking lots, large public and industrial sites, roads, spouting chutes and catch basins. The KrAZ-5401Н2 offers excellent maneuverability that allows for efficient cleaning on tight streets and spots.


Basic chassis KrAZ-5401H2
Configuration 4х2
Engine diesel, turbocharged;
gas, turbocharged (optionally)
Gross Vehicle Weight, kg 21000
Cab cabover, double
Max. speed, km/h 80
Tyres 12.00R20

Vacuum sweeping equipment:
- Hopper volumetric;
- Suction nozzle;
- Side broom;
- Rotating main broom;
- Rear suction hose;
- Washing hose.

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