The KrAZ-А061Р2 trailer is used for carrying van body used for preparation of two-course meals in the field for up to 200 persons. Equipment includes a cooling plant and diesel generator unit. The trailer can be towed by the KrAZ-5233BE or KrAZ-6322 truck.


Number of axles / wheels 2 / 8+1
Trailer curb mass, kg 3000
Trailer full mass, kg 6500
– on on front axle, kg 3300
– on rear axle, kg 3200
Load carrying capacity, kg 3500
Suspension rigid, on longitudinal semi-elliptic springs
Tyres 11.00R20

Cooking equipment:
- two cooking compartments with three pots and cabinet oven;
- chimney with steam discharge pipe.

Auxiliary equipment:
- food storage tables – 2 pcs.;
- cabinets for storage of bread, spices, kitchen utensils, uniforms;
- dishwashing bath, sets of dishes and kitchen utensils.

Additional equipment:
- cooling plant with capacity of up to 1000 l;
- 5,6 kW diesel generator unit.

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