West African Mechanics Get Training at KrAZ

14 July, 2016

After completion of training at “AutoKrAZ” conducted in compliance with foreign trade contract another group of foreign mechanics has been awarded certificates. Trained technicians went home with a wealth of knowledge and skills required for operation of KrAZ trucks.

Program of training for foreign mechanics included theoretical and practical lessons. Drivers and mechanics have been taught to drive KrAZ special vehicles, they learned much about their design, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair.

Theoretical lessons have been given by engineers of “AutoKrAZ” in the company’s Training Centre provided with state-of-the-art teaching aids such as cutaway units of mass produced vehicles and mock-up of the KrAZ-6322 AWD vehicle. The knowledge they got has been solidified in the workshops and proving ground of the automobile plant. Foreign technicians have been taught to drive KrAZ 5trucks at the proving ground and had a series of test runs over obstacles such as sand pit, hills of various height, 20 percent hill and 0,4 m high vertical wall.

After getting certificates of successful completion of training African technicians thanked for high level and quality of training and up-to-date equipment of Training Centre, unique teaching aids and simulators, high professionalism of the company’s engineers that gave training to them.    

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