Unique KrAZ-5401С2 Dump Truck for Poltava Mining and Concentrating Company

10 September, 2018

Only a week passed since the KrAZ-5401 (UММ-5К) exclusively-designed mobile washer has come to Poltava Mining and Concentrating Company, when another special KrAZ vehicle has been added to its fleet. This time miners got the KrAZ-5401С2 dump truck with the FASSI F40B.0.2 crane (Italy) behind the cab.

The KrAZ-5401С2 dump truck was launched in the market of Ukraine two years ago and gained popularity with customers and manufacturers of aftermarket equipment. Road maintenance vehicles equipped with various equipment based on this chassis have been designed and operate in Ukraine. The dump truck is very maneuverable with minimum turning radius of 7,5 m. It cab carry as much as up to 10 tonnes with rather small overall dimensions 6330х2500х2960, as compared to traditional KrAZ dump trucks. According to customer’s specification this trucks is powered with 215hp engine meeting Euro-5.

Ergonomic cab is low-seated for comfortable getting in/out of cab. Unique 7 cu.m. box type dump body is equipped with tipping hoist with double telescopic cylinder. Cab guard has been shortened to locate the crane behind the cab.
Maximum lifting capacity of crane is 2150 kg, boom capacity is 835 kg, while maximum lifting height is 7,2 m. Controls are located on both sides.

This vehicle will be used by mechanics and geologists of mine at Poltava Mining and Concentrating Company. 


Photo: Владимир Шоссов‎

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