National Bank of Ukraine was minted a commemorative coin with the image of KrAZ-6322 Soldier

09 October, 2019

A commemorative coin with a face value of 10 hryvnias with the image of KrAZ-6322 SOLDIER all-terrain vehicle, which is in service in Armed Forces, was minted in 1,000,000 copies (including 20,000 in the Coins of Ukraine 2019 set). The coin will be introduced after adoption of the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank. According to the Plan for the production of commemorative coins and souvenir products published on institution official website, it will happen in October-November of this year.

Ukrainian truck on the Ukrainian coin is symbolic, and it will undoubtedly be in demand not only among numismatists, but also among fans of KrAZ trucks and domestic vehicles. It became the main factor in determining the significant, one-millon circulation of the new coin. Technical parameters of the coin are: diameter — 30 mm, metal — zinc-based alloy, category of minting quality — uncirculated, in which the coin has an even matte metallic luster without a mirror surface.

One of the most successful and famous KrAZ models is awarded deserved with such an honor, because KrAZ military platform trucks are a universal soldiers, who not only quickly delivers personnel of military units, special forces and peacekeeping forces, but also reliably and confidently transports various equipment and artillery systems. KrAZ-6322 military platform truck taken holds the name “all-terrain vehicle”. Even in extremely difficult climatic and road conditions, it demonstrates exceptional characteristics in cross-country ability, maneuverability and speed.

It should be reminded that in October of previous year a commemorative bimetallic coin “80 years of Poltava region” was minted, at its obverse has image of KrAZ-Hurricane armored vehicle. Commemorative coins are considered to be a symbol of nationhood and are a rich source of information about important long-standing events, traditions, culture, sports and nature. National Bank of Ukraine founded its own numismatic program in order to commemorate the anniversary dates, memorable events in life of Ukraine and world.

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