Training for Egyptian MOD officers at KrAZ

18 March, 2014

A group of Egyptian MOD officers completed their training at “AutoKrAZ”. Trainees were awarded their certificates on the 18th of March this year. The training has been provided in accordance with contract terms.

The program involved training in operation, maintenance and repair of KrAZ special vehicles. Tabletop and hands-on trainings have been provided by skilful technicians of “KrAZ”.

Egyptian officers had their academic training course in the Company’s Training Centre provided with parts, units and various systems in sections for training purposes and a mock-up of the KrAZ-6322 special vehicle. Foreign military gave a high praise to equipment of the Training Centre and quality of training. The officers emphasized they were glad with knowledge gained and said they had never seen similar training centre.

Hands-on experience involving training in configuration, features of KrAZ AWD trucks and driving took place in assembly workshops and proving ground of the Automobile Plant.

Training for Egyptian MOD officers took place before the inspection of trucks manufactured under the contract that would be carried out by the Customer’s representatives.

Information: In 2013 PJSC “AutoKrAZ” delivered to the Ministry of Defence of Egypt about 500 various models of KrAZ special vehicles.

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