Vorskla Football Club Visits KrAZ

18 November, 2015

Yesterday, on Tuesday, November 17, unusual visitors came to Kremenchug Automobile Plant, Vorskla football team with General Director Mr.Dmitriy Yavorskiy and coaching staff.

Senior coach Mr.Vasiliy Sachko told about the purpose of the visit: “Our trip to KrAZ was planned a long time ago. It is important for guys to see the plant, production department, process of KrAZ trucks assembly, its novelties, to communicate with plant workers, our fans.”

Football players walked around the assembly line with undisguised curiosity and interest listening to how this big truck is born from scratch, how necessary units and parts are mounted on the chassis. The players gave to Assembly Department Head a T-shirt signed by all the team members to remember by for an interesting story about complete assembly cycle. 


The most interesting, according to them, was the visit to the company’s proving ground where the main show has taken place. Football team members that have been given a close up-look at a new lineup of KrAZ vehicles wished to have a ride in the cab over obstacles of the proving ground.  

After obstacle course football players shared their impressions with enthusiasm. Team captain А. Dallku said: “This truck is a beast. This is the first time that I can see such a powerful vehicle, the first time that I could ride in the KrAZ truck, and what is more over the obstacles. I think this trip is just in time, it will help lift the spirit of players before with Zarya and Dnieper. As the phrase goes: combat vehicles for morale booster.


I am very glad to visit KrAZ plant. It is an energy boost and inspiration for us. We should understand what hard work is like and give to our fans working in workshops a good game.” The company’s test drivers who showed a high level of professionalism when riding over obstacles were not without presents, too. The team of white and green presented them a football signed by all the players.  


KrAZ visitors also went to the company’s museum. They listened carefully to the history of Kremenchug Automobile Plant, players have been surprised by many facts unknown to them. Many questions have been asked to guide and KrAZ General Director Mr.Roman Chernyak who accompanied the visitors during their visit to the plant. 

Players could also communicate with their fans that waited them at the museum door.

Before saying goodbye players thanked for interesting visit, energy boost and adrenalin they got during their visit and ride in the truck cab and promised to do their best to bring joy the company’s workers, Kremenchug residents and all fans of Poltava region with their victories and achievements.  

KrAZ General Director, in his turn, thanked players for visit and wished them to strain every sinew, win and get into Europa League. “AutoKrAZ” will not only cheer for the team but also will continue to provide sponsorship. 

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