Municipal and Road Maintenance Vehicles for Dnepropetrovsk

25 December, 2015

“AutoKrAZ” has built and shipped a batch of  the КО-503В sewage vehicles based on the  KrAZ-6511Н4 chassis to Housing, Utilities and Construction Department of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Administration.

Special vehicles are used to collect, carry and discharge non-explosive and inflammable wastewater. The 6х4 chassis is provided with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engine with catalytic silencer meeting Euro-4 emission standard rated at 400 hp, 400 л.с., functional and ergonomic cab, integral steering with power steering. Special equipment includes 12 cu.m. tank, vacuum pressure pump delivering 480 m3/h; gate valve with suction hose, pneumatic and electrical systems.  Tank is filled by vacuum created by vacuum pump, tank is discharged by gravity or air pressure delivered by the vacuum pump.

It should be recalled that vehicles shipped to Dnepropetrovsk have been built in compliance with conditions of contract awarded through competitive bidding process won by “AutoKrAZ” in this September.  Except “AutoKrAZ” there were another six bidders who offered municipal vehicles mounted on imported chassis.  As compared to competitors KrAZ trucks are more efficient in terms of performance required by bidding conditions.

Except sewage vehicles Kremenchug Automobile Plant has built road maintenance vehicles provided with attached implements including sand spreader and snow plow   for municipal company “Motorway Road Usage and Maintenance Department” of Dnepropetrovsk City Council. Special vehicles are based on the KrAZ-6511С4 chassis provided with engine rated at 400 hp meeting Еuro-4, comfortable bonnetless cab with sleeping berth, 15,5 cu.m.  half-round dump body. These vehicles are used for maintenance of roads in winter. Easily mounted and removed equipment allows for using these versatile vehicles all year round:  in winter for snow clearing and sand spreading, in summer for carrying various cargoes.

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