KrAZ Special Vehicles for Donbass

26 March, 2019

«AutoKrAZ» has shipped new special vehicles KrAZ to municipal company «Donbass water» for maintenance and repair of water facilities. The vehicles were accepted late last week, with no comments.

The special vehicles are based on the 6×6 KrAZ-63221 standard chassis powered by Euro-5 engine under the contract terms. They are equipped with winch at the front and towing hook at the rear. Van body made by «Special Equipment Plant» (Irkliev) is divided into two compartments: passenger and equipment compartment with two windows in each of them. Driver’s cab and passenger compartment have heaters, A/C units and emergency escape hatches that make it possible for people in winter uniform to evacuate through them. Intercommunications system is provided between two compartments of the van body.

The passenger compartment accommodating six persons has upholstered folding seats with safety belts and locker under them, dining table is between the seats. Equipment compartment equipped with three doors, refrigerator, diesel generator, special protection for electrical installations. Sink with cabinet and water heater are there, too. Special electric crane is provided for load handling with lofting capacity of 500 kg and 2 m long boom. Dust and water proof steel boxed are provided under the floor for storage of oxygen and propane containers, Ø100 mm armored hoses, 220 and 380 V electronic panels with connectors and 100 l water tank.

The KrAZ-63221 special vehicles will be used in Donetsk region for maintenance and repair of local water supply systems.

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