Asian military are interested in AutoKrAZ products

08 August, 2019

A delegation of defense officials from the Southeast Asia country visited an automotive plant to get acquainted with the product range of the enterprise and hold negotiations with its leadership for partnerships.

For the delegation was organize trucks demonstration and inspection, among them — KrAZ-6322, KrAZ-FIONA, KrAZ-HULK, KrAZ-5401H2 “Freshness”, KrAZ-6510TE, KrAZ-5233 “DZHERELO”, and APZ-6,5 based on KrAZ-5233HE.

Asians photographed a lot, shot a video about the vehicle capabilities that they have liked. They also examined the training center, where qualified specialists with help of modern material and technical base carry out training and retraining of personnel who will operate and maintain vehicles.

For them at the testing area was demonstrate capabilities of tractor truck KrAZ-6510TE and the endurance, power in overcoming the obstacles of platform truck KrAZ-6322. The delight of visitors knew no bounds. Representatives of the military department even expressed a wish to take a ride with the driver in the cab of tested truck while driving the training ground to feel the power of the Ukrainian KrAZ. The guests commended the intense meeting program, thanked for the positive impressions of AutoKrAZ products.

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