Honored Visitors at “AutoKrAZ”

14 July, 2016

A group of elderly people, veterans of Kryukov Railcar Building Works and Quality Control Department of Kremenchug Automobile Plant, came to the automobile plant with the same goal in mind: to see the company’s facilities, new products, to cast mind back and to communicate. The guided tour organized by the Council of Veterans with the assistance of the automobile plant management has started since the very morning at the main gate security office, veterans could pay their respects at the commemorative plaque installed on the administration building to the memory of Ivan Prihodko, the legendary director of two Kremenchug companies, automobile plant and railcar building works. Visitors could lay flowers and speak to Mr.Roman Chernyak, today’s director of “AutoKrAZ” and have their pictures taken.  


This day the program of visit was varied as never before: trip to Peace Park where veterans could walk across Alley of Glory with eternalized prominent figures of our town, many of which are KrAZ workers. After returning to the plant they visited new museum and saw its permanent exhibition, albums, exhibits. By the way, our neighbors presented to our museum a book and anniversary corporate award of PJSC “KRBW”.  Then, on the company’s proving ground they gave standing ovation to KrAZ off road vehicle going over tough obstacles.   In the Training Centre they could watch a film about present day military vehicles produced by “AutoKrAZ”, visited a new building of Quality Control Department where they could talk to young workers and their former colleagues. And of course, honored visitors could taste delicious meals made by KrAZ cooks at the lunch organized on occasion of meeting of generations. 


After all, acknowledgements of automobile plant and Kryukow works for hearty welcome, interesting tour, respect and attention from the automobile plant staff, memory and connection between generations. The visitors from railcar works praised high production practices and clean large territory of KrAZ plant and told about imperishable impressions left by Kremenchug trucks. 

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